Open Joint-Stock Company "Gomelagrokomplekt"

   Tel. : +375 (232) 93-36-00, 93-36-66

247016 Republic of Belarus , Gomel Region , Gomel District , settlement Eremino ,

14 Surganova Str.




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Herringbone milking parlors, 12-32 stalls


pc .


 The most popular type of milking equipment used at free stabling of cows.  High productivity. Equipped with automated herd control system . Measurement of milk ejection parameters and cows identification parameters.

Pipeline milking parlors for 100 – 200 heads

pc .

 Parlors for machine milking at cows stabling – for 100 and 200 heads. Supplied with modern units of pairwise milking.


Field milking bails

pc .

 Bails for milking of cows in pastures and abreast milking parlours. Supplied with units of simultaneous or pairwise milking.

Stall equipment for free stabling


 Fences for feeding tables, side separators, gate systems for free stabling of cattle.