General concept

The resource potential of agricultural enterprises of the region is quite high. Agriculture is able to meet the needs of the population in basic food products, providing raw materials for processing industries and the export of raw materials and foodstuffs. There are 223 organizations on agricultural production (municipal and republican ownership, open joint-stock societies, private unitary enterprises, agricultural branches of organizations - investors), 242 peasant (farmer) households and 179 thousand private farms in Gomel region. More than 41 enterprises and 13 small shops are involved in the processing of agricultural products.

The main agricultural sectors are meat and dairy farming, vegetable and potato production, and flax (in the eastern region), the cultivation of industrial crops.

Farms located near large cities, specialize in dairy, vegetable and potato production direction , as well as in the production of pork, poultry and eggs. Crops are widely cultivated (53% of all cultivated land). Potato takes about 2% of sown areas, vegetables and industrial crops - 3%, forage crops - 35%. Milk is produced by 651 milk farms and complexes. 84% of the total herd of pigs is found in pig farms. The share produced by the complexes of pork in the overall balance of its production is 91%. 5 poultry farms make poultry and the production of eggs

There are three meat-processing plants, ten milk - processing factories, one dairy, and creamery.

Food industry is presented by alcohol, alcoholic beverage, wine, beer and soft drinks, canned goods, potato and vegetable processing industries. 

The capacity of processing enterprises makes it possible to increase exports of canned milk, meat, dairy products, technical casein, non-fat dry milk, canned fruits and vegetables, mayonnaise, potato starch, fresh potatoes, frozen and fresh vegetables, mushrooms in fresh and processed form.

It is necessary to import vegetable oil, rice and buckwheat, sea fish, juice concentrates, soy flour for feed mill industry, sunflower oil, grape wine materials for the needs of industrial processing and marketing of the population.

It is paid great attention to technical re-equipment of agricultural enterprises; increase their export potential in Gomel region.

Reforming of ownership and restructuring of enterprises of the agricultural sector by building competitive market-based economies, such as cooperative - integrated structures, open and closed joint stock companies are continuing.

Organizations of public sector remain the main producers of agricultural products, which allow saving big production in a rational combination with medium and small private farms.