of the Committee on Agriculture and Food
Gomel Regional Executive Committee
(Key extracts)

Committee on Agriculture and Food of the Gomel regional executive committee (hereinafter - Committee) is a subdivision of the Gomel regional executive committee (hereinafter - the executive committee) which carries out management in sphere of production and processing of agricultural production, coordinates the activity of these directions of other regional organs of government and provides agricultural organizations with office management and information support.

The committee is subject to regional executive committee and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus (hereinafter - the Ministry of Agriculture).

The main objects of the Committee are:

  • to make the unified state policy in the field of production and processing of agricultural products, management and coordination of local government, other state organizations subordinated to the regional executive committee, district executive committees in this area;
  • to improve economic policy and management methods in production and processing of agricultural products;
  • to create conditions for complex development of agricultural production, privatization, development of all forms of ownership;
  • to keep agricultural industry abreast of science and technology;
  • to create conditions for increasing the resources of food and agricultural raw materials, improving supply of food;
  • to provide the production growth to meet the needs of domestic market and increase exports, as well as the quantity and quality of services provided.

Committee, in accordance with the objects assigned to it, has to:

  • develop proposals on major directions and priorities of state policy in the field of production and processing of agricultural products, including meat and dairy products;
  • coordinate the development of agriculture, processing of agricultural raw materials and serving agriculture organizations, regardless of ownership, fisheries management organizations and individual entrepreneurs by the use of their human and economic instruments;
  • implement economic reforms;
  • study the market of agricultural products and means for its production, develop proposals for the saturation of its food and agricultural raw materials, organize the work on the reproduction of fish and aquatic invertebrates, conservation and restoration of their habitats;
  • interact with regional executive committees the economic, social and other issues, take the measures to improve agricultural production and industries engaged in processing agricultural raw materials and maintenance of agriculture, maintenance of the fishing sector;
  • participate in the project development of state and regional programs of social and economic development of agriculture and ensure their implementation;
  • implement financial, credit and pricing policy;
  • provide legal support and coordination of standard-setting organizations under his command; develop, on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, Executive Committee and on its own initiative, legislation and other regulatory legal acts on matters within the competence of the Committee;
  • as defined by legislation, direct the subordinated organizations, ensuring cooperation with the heads of these organizations their effective work, and also control the shares (shares in statutory fund) of legal persons that belong to regional communal property and that are governed by the committee in accordance with the law;
  • determine the main directions of scientific and technological development of agriculture and industries involved in processing of agricultural raw materials and maintenance of agriculture, and ways of their implementation;
  • organize the research, compilation and dissemination of domestic and foreign experience in agriculture, processing of agricultural products;
  • support organizations, which are subordinated to the committee, in the development of invention and rationality;
  • in accordance with current legislation, enable the creation and production of new varieties and hybrids of crops, productive breeds of animals, resource-saving and non-waste technologies, new products and methods of organizing production, new technologies of production and processing of agricultural products, including meat and dairy products, increasing the productivity of fishing grounds, including organization of the reproduction of fish and aquatic invertebrates, maintaining and restoring their habitat, breeding work, fish and ameliorative measures, work on the acclimatization of fish and aquatic invertebrates, stocking fishing grounds, ichthyology observations in fishing Wetlands, work on collection and analysis of information obtained from such observations;
  • provide the established procedure of purchase of agricultural products for state needs;
  • ensure the production of bakery and pasta products, and use of state grain resources;
  • organize radiation monitoring and develop technologies in agricultural production of areas contaminated by radio nuclides, the implementation of state programs to combat the effects of the Chernobyl disaster;
  • pursue the unified state policy in the field of seed production, variety trials, plant protection, breeding, irrigation, land application of chemicals, mechanization and electrification of agricultural production, manufacturing and processing of agricultural products, including meat and dairy products;
  • state control over the technical state of tractors, trailers and semi trailers for them, land reclamation, road construction and agricultural machines and equipment, state control over a tribal affair, veterinary activities aimed at protecting animal health, ensuring the quality of animal products, including organizations processing industry, regardless of ownership; state control over animal feed and feed additives, the security of genetic engineering, plant protection, as well as the content of harmful substances in live animals and animal products while exporting them to foreign countries;
  • work on the development of complex mechanization, electrification, gas supply, heat supply, energy and transport of agricultural production and industries engaged in processing of agricultural raw materials and maintenance of agriculture;
  • participate in testing of agricultural machinery and equipment, new drugs and preparative forms of chemical and biological plant protection products, biologically active substances and fertilizers;
  • introduce proposals for the development, revision, harmonization and adoption of state standards and other normative documents on standardization;
  • carry out the licensing of certain types of activities;
  • ensure the rational use of land, available for use by organizations, which are subordinated to committee;
  • keep records of fishing grounds or areas used for the conduct of fishing activities;
  • organize the construction, operation and repair of reclamation facilities;
  • provide methodical management of the construction of production facilities, carried out for the organizations subordinated to the Committee;
  • arrange training schemes for development and distribution sectors of agriculture, processing and storage of agricultural products to these organizations;
  • organize, coordinate and supervise the work of organizations subordinated to the Committee, for creating safe and healthy working conditions, prevention of industrial accidents, fire, and bring the following standard of the rules, model regulations and other industry-standard legal acts on labor protection to organizations of the industry;
  • provide internal control, make inspections of financial and business activity of the organizations of regional and district ownership, as well as other bodies and organizations of the system of the Committee, adopt measures to ensure the efficient use of the state property;
  • provide control over the proper use of the republican and regional budgets, aimed at development of rural industries and processing industries;
  • implement the state personnel policy, aimed at recruiting committee and subordinated organizations of the regional communal property of highly qualified individuals, provide their selection and arrangement, form the governing staff and its reserve, organize permanent education, training and continuing education;
  • implement foreign economic activity;
  • organize work to improve the accounting and the state statistical reporting by the organizations, under the authority of the Committee;
  • consider applications form citizens; organize their personal reception, taking steps to improve the work with suggestions, requests and complaints of citizens;
  • carry out public policy, aimed at attracting foreign investments in agriculture;
  • prepare proposals on the development of integration connections and cooperation in the field of agriculture and processing industry with foreign countries;
  • state control over fisheries management, quality of food commodities and food products in their production and (or) storage and export, including state control over the quality of grain, flour, cereals, animal feeds, belonging to organizations and individual entrepreneurs, engaged in production, and ( or) storage, processing, packaging (except for trade organizations and individual entrepreneurs engaged in trade of these products);
  • other functions under the legislation of the Republic of Belarus .